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Najma from Azad Kashmir Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

In the third world countries keeping domestic servants is a common practice. The incredible girl named Najma was a daughter of a maid who used to work in different houses to earn a living for her two daughters. She had to work hard as her husband was an Alcoholic who used to beat her and […]

Naima from Sukkur Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

Sukkur Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: In a small town of the city of Multan Pakistan there lived a young girl named Naima. This pretty faced girl was born to a very poor couple as their fourth daughter among their eight kids. She was the youngest of all and was the apple of the eye for […]

Rabab from Bahawalpur Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Bahawalpur Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number: A few days after the settlement proposal Sana was married to Chaudhry’s elder son Afaan. Afaan despised Sana and was disgusted by her presence. He treated her very badly as if she has committed the murder. Afaan was not a bachelorette at the time of marrying Sana. Afaan’s first wife […]

Muniba from Sargodha Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Sargodha Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number: Muniba belongs to a tribal region in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The tribal areas of this region are famous for being male dominated and for not giving women their deserved rights. Muniba is just like any other girl from this tribal region who is being deprived of her rights. […]

Mariha from Gujranwala Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Gujranwala Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number: Mariha was always very happy with her life. Knowing her personality Mariha’s parents never forced her to do things that she did not approve of. Mariha was treated equally to her brothers. She was the bright shining star of her family. Everybody loved her. She kept everyone entertained with her […]

Maisa from Hyderababd Girl WhatsApp Mobile Number

Maisa is a girl from a village near Sargodha. Although she lives in a village but her family is a very rich family. They are the landlords of that area. Maisa’s family owned agricultural lands in villages of Sargodha and were heavily rich and wealthy. She confirm her fathers that she wil share her personal […]

Pakistani Hot Aunties Whatsapp Mobile Number Online

To run a society smoothly the contribution of both the genders is required, but unfortunately in our society the role of women is not as active as that of men. There are many families who do not let their daughters get any formal education and even if they do let them get education they do […]

Komal from Rawalpindi Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

There are many people across the globe who become an inspiration for others and make a huge contribution in making the world a better place to live in. One such person who made others think positively is Komal. She is using whastapp mobile number and real facebook girls id for personal only because she have […]

Hira from Faisalabad Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

There are many people in the world who do not have enough courage to face the challenges that life has to offer, so they just give up. On the other hand there are people who welcome every challenge with all the courage they have. One such person who has been taking every challenge of life […]

Ghazala from Multan Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Pakistani Ghazala is the name of a young and ambitious lady who used to live in a remote village of Punjab. She was the sixth child of a farmer who used to grow crops on contract basis as he did not own the agricultural land. Hot Ghazala had two elder sisters and three elder brothers […]

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