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Aaliya from Muzaffargarh Girls Mobile Number True Friendship

Aaliya is the name of a beautiful daughter of a landlord from the suburban area of Multan known as muzaffergarh. Aalia is the only daughter of her parents and so is naturally a pampered child. Till the age of six she was not admitted to a school as her parents did not want to burden her with education. On the other hand the pampered daughter was very keen in going to schools and told her father to send her to school as she did not want to stay home.

Muzaffargarh Girls Mobile Number True Friendship, Pictures

Her father could not deny her and so he enrolled her with a school in Multan as he did not like the standard of schools in Muzaffergarh for her daughter to attend. Spending money was never an issue with Aaliya‘s father, so there was no problem for her in travelling daily from Muzaffergarh to Multan and back. Though she was pampered by all the relatives all the time she did not take it to mind and behaved as normal as she could. She made friends with daughters of their servants and spent hours playing with them. As she grew she showed a lot of interest in religious matters, she completed her Quran recitation at the age of eight.

Years passed by and Aaliya became a young studious lady who had everything in life but had a wonderful ambition of becoming a dentist. Physically she looked like a doll with almond shaped eyes and jet black hair. This 5’6’’ lady was very pretty and when she was taking her FSc examination there were a lot of marriage proposals for her to consider. Her parents were broad minded so they allowed her to decide. These desi girls are living in Pakistan in different ireas.

Aaliya rejected the proposal saying that she would marry but after fulfilling her dream. She secured very good marks in both her intermediate exams and the entry test for admission in nishter college of dentistry.To provide their daughter with unconditional support Aaliya‘s parents bought a house in the area that was nearest possible location to the medical college and moved in. They had come just till the completion of her dentistry course. With utter intelligence and her day and night efforts Aalia became a dentist and in now running a clinic in Muzaffergarh.

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Name: Aailya

City: Muzaffargarh Pakistan

Mobile Phone Number:

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