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Pakistan is a magnificent country that is an independent country with democracy ruling across the country. In all its glory Pakistan although it is a small country yet there are many cities and villages in the country. Each and each city is famous for its unique specialties and heritages. Some cities in Pakistani girls are big cities with a population of more than a million while some are small cities that have a low population and are somewhat under developed. Peshawar is also one of the big cities of Pakistan. It is the oldest city of Pakistan that is on the map till this day. In fact Peshawar is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan. Peshawar is situated exactly in a broad valley near the eastern end of the renowned Khyber Pass. In terms of area Peshawar is the ninth largest city of Pakistan.

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Peshawar is a significantly important city for Pakistan such that maximum percentage of Pakhtun of Pakistan resides in Pakistan. Peshawar is the economic and administrative hub for the Federally Administered Tribal areas (FATA). The city of Peshawar is linked with Afghanistan also. The Pakhutuns living in Peshawar widely speak Pashto in their normal lives although Urdu and English languages are also spoken and understood widely in the region. The girls of Peshwar now a days are very intellagent and fina a love partner online and also give her personal mobile number.

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Peshawar is very famous for the making of guns and other such items . the people of this land are masters in making guns. The children of Pakhtuns love to play with toy guns. This city is majorly ruled by men and the women part of the society are not considered in positions of power. In Peshawar it is believed that men have the power granted by God to administer the land as well as other activities. Other than this Peshawar is famous for their intricately designed, colorful handmade clothes, shawls, footwear , bed sheets and other items. “kheeri” or “peshawari chappal” are widely worn and loved by men of Peshawar and is considered a royalty in other cities of Pakistan.

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