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Alveena from Islamabad Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Alveena is the name of a lady whose life has become an inspiration for many young ladies of today who feel that the life has been too hard just for them. Alveena took birth in an upper middle class family where the finances were enough to provide for the needs of the family but there was no surplus to be saved for rainy days. Her father had a small business owner and medicines. Alveena’s father was a chain smoker and this habit of his took its toll and he died due to sudden heart arrest when she was only five years old.

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At that time her elder most sister was just 18 years old and was engaged to a cousin who was the son of her paternal uncle. Alveena did not have a brother and there was no male member in the family who could run her father’s business so they had to wind it off. They owned a house which her mother sold out , as her paternal uncle who was a fatherly figure not only for the girls but their mother too convinced them to shift to the upper portion of his own house.

Islamabad girls: There, they lived a financially independent life and with passage of time all three of Alveena’s sister’s got married. Alveena was much pampered by her uncle, she was a patient of multiple auto immune diseases due to which she fell I’ll over and over again. She never gave up and scored good marks throughout her educational career. As she has decided not to get married she went to Germany for studies where she is learning computer languages.

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Once she did share her whatsapp number with her colleague, she don’t aspect that a huge number of participant in her whatsapp chat history. She love to each other and thanks to her whastapp group friends.

Name: Alveena

City: Islamabad Pakistan

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