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Arshi from Peshawar Girls Mobile Number and Pictures

Arshi is a talented young girl who lives in Peshawar with her family. She belongs to a well-to-do but conservative family. She has a younger sister and an elder brother. Her father’s family is very conservative and do not like education for girls. Arshi on the other hand wanted to go to school when she was only three years old blackboard and chalks were her favorite toys and seeing this, her parents used to get worried about her future. Due to the pressures from the family Arshi Peshawar girls was not sent to school by the age of 5. When she turned five her grandfather promised her a gift of her choice and she chose for a permission to go to school. As promised her grandfather honored her wish and she was admitted to a nearby school. She was a very intelligent student and stood first from her first year at school till the board matriculation exams.

Beautiful Peshawar Girls Mobile Number and Pictures

Arshi is a multi-talented girl and is very fond of painting and likes making sketches in her spare time. Her talent was recognized by her family and friends and she was advised by many to go to national college of arts Lahore so that her passion could become her career. From her first year of school till her matriculation many things changed, her grandfather passed away and her uncles migrated to USA and she only had to convince her parents to send her to Lahore. Her parents always trusted all their kids and Arshi was no exception so they granted her permission to go to Lahore and become a career woman in the field of her choice.

After passing the entry test she got admission in NCA and became a popular student in a few weeks’ time. Her talent was appreciated by her teachers as well as her classmates desi girls. As NCA is an institution for education of arts Arshi did not only master her talent of painting and sketching she learned dramatic arts by participating in different dramas held on yearly basis in the college.

This well dressed young lady very confidently passed out of the college after completing her master’s degree and is now serving as an art teacher in a renowned institute in Peshawar.

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