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Asiya Khuzdar Balochistan Girls Mobile Number Relationship

Asiya is the oldest among her siblings. She is from a well renowned family and she is currently doing her bachelorette programme from a well-reputed university in Lahore, majoring in the field of biotechnology. Asiya is a decent girl, who have dreams like any other girl but she faced a tragedy in her life when she approximately 15 years old, her mother died which led her to be severely traumatized. However, the display of courage and strength that Asiya showed was impeccable not only she recovered from the tragedy but she also took really good care of her siblings. She is like a mother to them.
Other than pursuing a degree, the other interests and hobbies that Asyia possess includes painting and reading.

Khuzdar Balochistan Girls Mobile Number Relationship

Asiya has an excellent artistic capabilities’ from still painting to portraits Asiya can commendably paint leaving people in an aw. Singing is another hobby of Asiya. She worked on her voice by joining a singing club while she was doing her intermediate,this was the time when she gained a grasp on her voice and from then onwards Asiya has been able to win several interschool singing competitions. Asiya also has been travelling to different countries in the past few years regarding her research work. She was born with a gift of passion and she decided to utilize it to the max. Biotechnology is not just an ordinary degree for her, it was her mother’s wish that she pursued her career in the field of biotechnology and make certain progress in the related field.

Ever since then, Asyia has been working towards achieving that goal. In regard to that, Asiya has travelled in more than 3 countries which include Australia, America and England. She was even offered admission in the Waterloo Pakistani University girls of Canada but due to some personal issues, she could not avail the chance.

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Asiya also likes to dance, her favorites pastime is to dance. She believes that is the best way to enlighten a person’s mood and is the best form of exercise.

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  • Name: Asiya
  • City: Khuzdar Balochistan Pakistan
  • Mobile Number:
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