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Aziza from Jhang Girls Mobile Number

Jhang is a small city located near Faisalabad, where a beautiful girl was born almost two decades ago. Her name is Aziza, just like the meaning of her name she is loved by her whole family. She is the eldest daughter of a landlord of Jhang who owns a lot of agricultural land and has just enough finances to lead a lavish life. The abundance of money had been a hurdle in the families’ progressive thinking and education was not given as much preference as it should be. Aziza cute girl was an altogether different person and when she was just a toddler she held on to books and newspapers lying around the house.

Jhang Girls Mobile Number for Friendship

As she grew a little older her mother who herself felt being deprived of proper education wanted to enroll her with a school but her father did not show much enthusiasm. The little girl Aziza then told her father that she wanted to go to school and as admitting her to a small school could hurt his ego he permitted her to go to the best school in the city. The teachers at the school were proud to have a genius like Aziza in their school. The brightest student of all named Aziza did her matriculation by standing first in the board exam.

Aziza was a very compassionate person and while living in a backward area of Jhang she knew about the suffering of the poor. She wanted to be a doctor and while she was in school her father became seriously ill, which gave her a chance to express her desires in front of her father. After passing the entry test with highest possible numbers she reminded her father about his promise, quite hesitantly, her father arranged for her admission in Punjab medical college Faisalabad. He had a house in Faisalabad so Aziza did not have to stay in the hostel.

In due course Aziza became a competent doctor. She is now planning to open a hospital and a school in her village to provide best medical facilities to the people of her area where poverty prevails, and not all the girls are lucky enough to get even the basic education required to lead a respectable life.

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Name: Aziza

City: Jhang Pakistan

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Updated: January 27, 2017 — 7:36 pm
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