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Zakia is a strong and assertive girl who lives in a small city of Punjab Pakistan known as Chakwal. She had only one brother who was younger to her. She belonged to a well to do family where spending money for different social causes was a routine that was sometimes did just for the betterment of mankind but sometimes it had ulterior motives too. It was because her family was full of politicians who donate a lot before elections to buy votes. Zakia, from the very beginning of her school life wanted to do something for the betterment of the society. She was a bright child but as a student she was an average student. She knew that she could do nothing worth noticing with the standard of education she had, so she decided to do something special in order to help the poor people of the country. Here Pakistani girls mobile numbers for friendship and also for dating.

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There were very incidents that touched Zakia’s mind and she wanted to stop the suffering of people. After completing her BA she did masters in journalism and political science. Her ideal was Aasma Jahangir becasue she have Pakistani girls phone number list and she wanted to follow her footsteps. Whenever there was a march against atrocities against women Zakia could be clearly seen in the pictures, when a mob of people was on road for the rights of minorities Zakia could be easily noted there, whenever there was a walk to stop child labor Zakia was one of the prominent people in the leadership role.

Zakia always wore practical yet trendy clothes and never bothered having a haircut. This broad minded and courageous lady who was an expert in fighting for the human rights in no time became a lady human rights activist. After gaining so much popularity she became money making machine for the channels that sell their news by discussing the controversial topics that are not aired by government influenced channels.

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So Zakia was offered a very high salary by a channel that wanted to encourage the people who fought for truth fearlessly and she accepted the offer but on her own conditions as she did not want to compromise on her honest opinion.

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Name: Zakia

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