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Mariha from Gujranwala Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Gujranwala Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number: Mariha was always very happy with her life. Knowing her personality Mariha’s parents never forced her to do things that she did not approve of. Mariha was treated equally to her brothers. She was the bright shining star of her family. Everybody loved her. She kept everyone entertained with her nice, charming personality.

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Mariha has always been a funny girl and loved to make jokes and kid around. When Mariha grew up and was 23 her parents decided to marry her off. Mariha was of the view that she was not at an age that she should be married. She did not believe in the trend of the society that when a girl turns 18 she had to get married as soon as possible otherwise he will get old and nobody will like her in fact everybody will sympathize with her. Mariha hated the idea of getting married at an early age, she did everything to stop or prevent her parents to think of marrying her off.

But unfortunately this time Mariha could not smooth talk her parents and talk them out of an idea. This time her parents were serous and threatened Mariha that if she would not marry now they will cut her off from their inheritance. And so Mariha went against her will and got married.

Name: Mariha

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