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Huriya Desi Girls Sheikhupura Mobile Number

A pretty girl was born on 11th of September 1993 to a middle class family living in a small town of Sheikhupura near Lahore. She had two more siblings; both were brothers who were younger to her. Both her parents very religious type of people who wanted their children to stay closely connected to their religion. Huriya was a sensible girl and respected the feelings of her parents. As she was growing she noticed how hard it was for her parents to make the ends meet. She grew up with a dream to help make the life of her family easier for them.

Desi Girls from Pakistan Sheikhupura Mobile Number

She worked very hard in her studies as she was an average student. She wanted to be able to support her family financially and for that she needed to excel in the field she chose for herself. She was very much interested in engineering and so studied day and night to get good marks. She did her FSc in very good marks and then started preparing for her entry test. In her entry test she secured good marks and was qualified for the admission in the engineering university Lahore. As she did not have any relative living in Lahore and the hostel expenses were just too much for her family to pay, so she daily traveled from Sheikhupura to Lahore in the morning and back to Sheikhupara in the evening.

She tried not to waste her time and prepared for her exams during her travel time to save time in her university she was a very popular student both among teachers as well as the classmates. Huriya is a beautiful girl with smart figure and big almond shaped eyes. As she belonged to a middle class family she seldom had a chance to wear expensive and branded clothes but everything she wore always seemed in fashion as she knew how to carry whatever she was wearing. Though she was studying with students with strong financial backgrounds she never felt inferiority complex. Here Pakistani local girls mobile number for friendship and contact numbers list.

In no time at all she did her engineering and was a topper in her batch. As soon as she completed her education she was hired by a factory run by the government. She was provided with a good furnished house and many other facilities including a conveyance and staff for household chores. She called her family from Sheikhurpura prety lady and now all are settled in Lahore.

Name: Huriya

City: Sheikhupura Pakistan

Mobile Number:

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