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komal from Kohat Girls Mobile Number

A smart and introvert girl named Komal lived in Kohat a small city of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This area of Pakistan is known in the world for its backwardness, most of the tribal people are too conservative to let the area progress in a speedy manner. Especially women are not allowed to go out of their houses to do officework. The young girls are not even allowed to attend school. Komal belongs to a lower middle class family where it was very hard to lead a comfortable life with one person’s income.

Kohat Pushto Girls Mobile Number

As komal had four more siblings it was very hard for her father to meet the expenses for their daily needs, he worked 12 hours a day but the return was just not enough. Komal’s father had to face a lot of confrontation in sending her to a nearby government school. Though there were even life threats from the natives of the area Komal and her father stood firm and she kept going to school till the day came when she did her matric in excellent marks. She started taking tuitions to help her family financially. Komal grew up to be a beautiful girls with deep green eyes and very fair complexion. Like all the other girls of tribal areas she was very brave. She was s assertive that no one ever doubted what she said. She did not pay a heed to what the tribal people were saying and continued her education, she was such a brilliant student that her parents did not have to pay her fees throughout her student life as her marks always qualified for the scholarship provided by the government.

Komal Pakistani girl, from her childhood years was very organized person and had a knack to perfectly arrange everything. She loved reading and had a great collection of books. When she was taking admission in master’s program she decided to make her passion her career, so, she decided to do masters in library sciences.

She did her masters with outstanding results and was instantly offered a job at a local college. She accepted the offer and now is helping her siblings become good professionals.

  • Name: Komal Pathan
  • City: Kohat KPK
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