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Maryam is a strong and vibrant lady who was born in the small city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa called Kohat Kpk girls id number of jazz. Maryam was born to a lower middle class couple who used to live in a joint family as they could not afford a separate house. Maryam was the eldest child among four siblings. She had a younger sister and two younger brothers. Both her parents were narrow minded and too conservative to let the kids go to school and especially the girls. They did arrange for the recitation of the holy Quran and taught every child the proper recitation of the holy book.

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When Maryam was 12 years old her mother fell seriously ill and expired after six months of illness. Now the whole responsibility of the family fell on her shoulders and she had to take care of her family especially the younger brothers who were totally dependent on their mother. As Maryam was a very compassionate young lady she thought it right to send both her brothers to school. She talked to her grandfather about this and looking at the situation he gave her the permission to send her brothers to a nearby school. Both her brothers seemed well adjusted as the school routine made them forget about the gravity of the loss of their mother.

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By this bold step of Maryam the way to education opened in her home and she supported both her brothers till they became doctors and started treating their family members and people of their village in an impressive manner. Now the people of the area have become bold enough to enroll their children with school.

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