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Muniba from Sargodha Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number

Sargodha Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number: Muniba belongs to a tribal region in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The tribal areas of this region are famous for being male dominated and for not giving women their deserved rights. Muniba is just like any other girl from this tribal region who is being deprived of her rights. So here we discuss her whatsapp mobile number for friendshio and chat online internet.

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Because of the system of society in this part of the country Muniba cannot voice her views, she cannot fight for her rights and neither can any other women support her to fight for her rights. In fact other girls in the surrounding regions belittle girl /women who are ruthlessly not being given their rights. Muniba was in her school when the news came that her brother had secretly murdered the son of the chaudhary of the village. The chaudhry and the Muniba’s family were related from before but due to family feuds both the families had become each other’s’ enemy. After the murderer was announced Muniba’s family was in great danger.

Sargodha Girls Mobile Number

Muniba’s parents had passed away a long time ago and she lived with her brother, brother’s wife and an aunt. The chaudhray of the village accepted to settle for blood money. This blood money gave him the proposal of marrying Muniba to another son of the Chaudhry. Chaudhry’s family intended to take revenge by marrying Muniba to their elder son who was furious because of his brother’s death.

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