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To run a society smoothly the contribution of both the genders is required, but unfortunately in our society the role of women is not as active as that of men. There are many families who do not let their daughters get any formal education and even if they do let them get education they do not let the women work out of homes. In such a conservative society there are a few women who have courage to fight for their rights. One exemplary lady who was never afraid of asking for her rights, is known as Mariyam. There are some whatsapp and mobile contact number of hot and beautiful Pakistani aunties. Pick the mobile number and get phone call on whatsapp and online friendship.

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Mariyam lived in the most popular city of Pakistan called Karachi. She was the only daughter of her rich parents who pampered her all the time. The people who met Mariyam could not even guess how rich she was as she never boasted of it and was very simple in appearance. She wore simple eastern dresses and tied her long silly hair in a simple plait. Mariyam was so kind hearted that she always tried to help the poor and need. She even stared an NGO of her own that helped the un-educated people get good jobs and helped the young ladies get married to respectable men.

Beautiful Pakistani girl Mariyam made the best use of her wealth and even made a small shelter where the animals like stray dogs, cats and abandoned pets were taken care of. She always spoke out about the atrocities of the society towards the women. Whenever there was a case of violence or sexual abuse of women she tried to help out in every possible way. She was appointed as the editor of an international magazine and made best use of it by writing about women’s rights.

Name: Maryam

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