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Salma from DI Khan Girls Mobile Numbers Chat

Salma is the name of an excellent person who was born in the city of Dera Ismael Khan, Pakistan. She was born to a rich family that did not have time for one another and everyone was busy in his own life. The abundance of wealth was the reason behind the care free attitude of the family. Salma had two sisters and two brothers and she was the middle one. According to the traditions of this area of the country education was the least important thing to waste your time and money for, especially girls did not have the right of education.

Pakistani DI Khan Girls Mobile Numbers Chat

Salma’s family was never interested in following the traditions and so they enrolled their children with the best schools of the area. The only tradition that the ladies of the family were following to some extent is the observance of Purdah due to which no male in the area could recognize them by face. All her siblings were just average students but Salma was exceptional. Throughout her school she stood first in every standard and was too sensitive about the competition. She participated in every activity possible to get credits in her educational records.

If you have a closer look at the physical appearance of the lady she was tall and smart lady with long silky hair that was usually tied in a plate. As the pretty lady did not have any financial stress to bear she enjoyed shopping and always liked using branded things. She was very honest to the job at hand and was never distracted by anything when she was busy in her studies. She only went for shopping when she was over stressed and wanted to relax. Salma had a dream of becoming a psychiatrist and for this she needed to leave her city and temporarily move to Karachi or Lahore to specialize in the field of her choice.

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When she asked her parents about her intentions they permitted her quite willingly and she left for Karachi. She did her degree in psychiatry from agha khan university and returned home in due course. At her return her father had opened a counseling clinic for her to continue her practice.

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